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Scythe, "Vikat", version 2

This is TTU Robotics Club's 5th standard sumorobot, but it is first attempt on two-wheeled platform. Our previous robot was Tinavile. Currently version two is under development.


Over the years two-wheeled sumorobots have conquered the dohyo's over the world simply due to many perks that this platform offers. One advantage over other robots are that two wheels and motor are easier to fit into given dimensions and therefore bigger motors can be used as there is more room and mass available. Even more important aspect is that one can fasten a lot of magnets under the robot to increase robots contact force with dohyo, thus getting significantly more grip. Another very important perk is that robot stands on 3 points: 2 wheels and the blade, forcing the blade against the dohyo far better than it is possible with 4+ wheeled robots.


We use modified BLDC motors from hobby airplane (these are actually very powerful). With approximate gear ratio of 8:1 and self-built reduction design, the power is sent to two rubber-coated aluminum wheels. Power source is 8-cell LiFePo battery that can provide with enough juice. Frame is made of soldered aluminum parts and some plastic and steel parts. Blade design stays probably the same as it is in Tinavile as the latest upgrade for that blade proved itself in Japan competition.


  1. Siim Sülla (leader, mechanics)
  2. Mikk Leini (programming and electronics)
  3. Konstantin Shibin (programming)
  4. Andre Leppik (programming)
  5. Sergei Ovsjanski (electronics)
  6. Heiko Pikner (programming and electronics)
  7. Tarmo Prillop (programming and electronics)
  8. Raul Bachmann (programming)


RobotChallenge 2014


  • 2014 Robotchallenge - Robot got into the final 16 from being 3.-4. in it's group. Unfortunately did not compete on the second day due to electronics failure.


Tallinn University of Technology (TTU)
Student Council of TTU
TTU Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
TTU Faculty of Information Technology
ICD industries
AQ Lasertool
Eli Engineering
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